Cherry Ann Gaillard-Williams

Cherry Ann Gaillard-Williams is the presenter of the Midday News Edition. She joined the news team at Radio Caribbean International on January 4th 2007. Her responsibilities which include news gathering, scripting and presenting have since increased with the addition of stand-in host of the daily lunchtime talk show Newsspin.

Cherry Ann is a student at Monroe College School of Business St Lucia Campus where she is pursuing studies in Media Law and Legal Aspects of Entertainment, Integrated communication and Marketing, Corporate Communications, Media Management, Social Media, Journalism and Writing for Media, Speech Communication, and Broadcast Performance.

She started her Media career in 2006 in print and then later moved on to broadcast journalism in 2007. She has underwent extensive media training provided by the BBC and ABC respectively and has been recognized as a regular contributor to the OECS Newslink.

Cherry Ann Gaillard Williams