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Timothy Poleon

Timothy Poleon is now recognized as St. Lucia’s top newsman. It is remarkable enough that Tim is a self-made journalist, it is even more so that he has been voted twice as St. Lucia’s “Journalist of the Year” by the St. Lucia Media Association. He has been with RCI since 1990.

He also hosts the station’s flagship controversial news call-in programme “NEWS SPIN” following the news each day.

He started his career as an announcer but quickly discovered his journalistic fire and his love for getting the stories behind the headlines and when he does, he often provokes the ire of politicians and public officials and other newsmakers. If Tim were to take a motto it would be “Question Authority” and that he does so listeners can get a handle on the truth. Tim like to laughs at himself and jokes about his height, but where he falls short of inches from the ground he make he makes up with a booming voice and an authoritative delivery.

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