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The presentation of the 2015/2016 budget presented by the island’s Minister for finance has been met with mixed reactions from members of the St Lucian public.

In his address on Tuesday evening, Dr Kenny Anthony informed that Government remains strongly committed to ensuring that Saint Lucia's fiscal position becomes sustainable and views this as a necessary condition for sustainable economic growth.

As a result, he noted that island recorded gains in areas such as tourism, which according to Dr Anthony performer remarkably well. He also noted the performance of the manufacturing sector which registered recovery in key areas, and mixed performance in the agriculture sector. While the island transport sector recorded expansions, Dr Anthony reported that the construction industry has been struggling and remains below the level required to propel the economy.

But even as the Prime Minister highlighted the strides made by his government, other revelations on its plans to boost the economy, a number of reforms has sparked concern among the populace.

They include increases on vehicle license fees under a new classification for licensing based on the weight of vehicles.

The classifications are private vehicles, hired vehicles, motorcycles, passenger and farm vehicles, goods vehicles, trailers, earth-moving equipment, container trucks; and hearses.

Private and hired vehicles between 0 and 2500 lbs will increase from $150 to $250, an increase of $100; Between 2500 and 3500 lbs, the license fee will move from $150 to $300; Private and hired vehicles with a curb weight of 3500 lbs and greater, the license fee will move from $150 to $350; Goods vehicles of less than one tonne will now be charged, $450, an increase of $150; Goods vehicles between one and three tones will pay an additional $250 with a new rate of $550; Goods vehicles between three and five tonnes in weight will move from $300 to $600; And goods vehicles of in excess of five tonnes will now pay a licence of $700.00, an increase of $400; Trailers, tractors, earth moving vehicles and container trucks which currently are charged $300 will now be charged $750, an increase of $450; The fee for motorcycles, “M” plate passenger vans and farm vehicles will remain flat at $150; and hearses which currently fetch a license of $300 will remain flat.
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