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Concerns about asbestos exposure among vendors who operate near a demolition site at the Castries Harbour were heightened this week amid claims of a breach in the safety protocol by the contractor.

This comes following works on the roof of the old fire service building which is believed to contain asbestos.

According to the president of the Vendors Association Peter Ras Ipa Isaac, several operators complained about burning noses, itchy throats and skin rashes on Thursday last week, which he believes are consistent with symptoms of asbestos exposure.

Mr Isaac says he was surprised by a decision taken by the contractor on the demolition site to conduct that portion of works during when it has been expressly agreed that it would have taken place at a time, when vendors would not be at risk. He adds that the situation was immediately brought to the attention of SLASPA officials.

The vendors Association President says despite the advice from Slaspa to discontinue the asbestos removal, another group of workers continued the exercise on Saturday.

He has called for a greater level of regard for health and safety when undertaking such projects

Meanwhile the contractor on the project Reyneau Gajadhar has denied the claims and has promised to release a statement on the matter later

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