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Blame has been apportioned to local road and transport authorities for the slow pace at which preventative measures are being made to mitigate against road accidents on the Bexon Highway.

This comes following the death of a three year old infant who was knocked down on the infamous stretch of road on Tuesday afternoon.

President of the National Council on Public Transportation Godfrey Ferdinand has made a comparison between the level of urgency with which action is taken to remedy such situations in the north of the island, noting that it does not obtain with the Bexon area where several fatal accidents continue to occur.

He points to the installation of speed bumps in the Rodney Bay area following the killing of a tourist in a motor vehicular accident almost one year ago.

Mr Ferdinand believes that the situation will not be adequately addressed unless the public begins to act out in protest of the lack of road security provisions in the residential Bexon area.

The NCOPT President who is also concerned for the safety of his members and the passengers which they transport says there must be a complete review of the road infrastructure to include safety features.

He has dismissed suggestions that traffic calming devices may not be practical on the Bexon highway.
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