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The largest and once dominant trade union body in St Lucia is being accused of breaching a number of industrial relations practices, and the treatment of staff employed at its headquarters.

The accusation comes following the reaction of the CSA General Secretary Wilfred Pierre, to an apparent sick out staged by staff on Friday last week.

RCI news has learnt that a deliberate move to force a senior employee out on vacation after an arrangement had been reached on the leave dates is what has prompted the protest action.

Our newsdesk has also learnt that moves are afoot by the union to replace the senior employee with a junior staffer there.

Meanwhile, the Save The Union Pressure group which has been critical of many of the decisions taken in recent times by the Union’s executive has strongly condemned what it describes as the latest attempt by the union to trample on the rights of CSA workers.

It has described as shameful, the decision by the organization’s general secretary to disclose private and confidential information about the staff over the media
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