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The attorney representing the Lambirds Academy administrators who have been accused on Human Trafficking and Money Laundering offences among others says his clients could be free before Christmas.

This comes following the dismissal of money laundering charges against Dr Iftekah Shams and the other defendants in the case brought by dozens of Nepalese students who arrived in St Lucia earlier this year, on the premise that they would pursue higher education and receive opportunities to work here.

According to Mr Marcus Foster, the money laundering charges have been dropped because the statute of limitations has expired. He further explains that it appears that the prosecution was not able to prove its case.

Mr Foster says the defense is buoyed by the fact that they are innocent and that they have secured a small victory.

He says he is confident that the case on the remaining charges be have a similar outcome. The case is expected to go well into November.

Mr Foster says he expected his clients to be free by December.
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