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The island’s Minister for Justice Senator Philip LaCorbinierre has come in for stiff criticism from a local pressure group for what is being seen as his silence and absence on matters which continue to affect the justice system here.


In a statement released today United PAC says it notes with much anxiety as the list of unsolved murders continues to grow. The organization has listed as some examples the murder of Chereece Benoit as well as what it calls satisfactory updates on the alleged hanging of 22 year old Shakadan Daniel at the Micoud Police Station.


United PAC has asked whether the Minister LaCorbiniere has turned a blind eye to the rising problems within his ministry, and what is he doing to help bring comfort to the families who have lost loved ones to violent crimes.


The statement adds that the Minister’s voice should not only be heard when he feels an injustice has been done to his reputation, but as the custodian of justice in this country, he is expected to speak out every time a citizen is treated unjustly.


The group believes that the Ministry for National Security must be held accountable for the Micoud incident and measures should be put in place to ensure that history is not repeated.


United PAC awaits a press conference from the Minister of National Security with the same alacrity with which he convened a joint interview with the media to condemn allegations against himself.


Meanwhile, United PAC opines that comments made by Police Commissioner Mr. Vernon Francois, regarding a rush to conclusions in the Shakadan Daniel hanging, is a warning to the press and the public to continue to remain silent in light of serious allegations against the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.


The organization also points to what it perceives as a lack of empathy for the family and the persistent condemnation of the outcries from the media and the public by the police chief.

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