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A young Micoud woman who accused Victoria hospital of neglect after being admitted with pregnancy complications in November last year says there has been no word from officials on the outcome of an investigation into the matter.

Chelsea Matty claimed that she was left to give birth on her own while in the labour room at Victoria Hospital, despite her calls for help from nurses stationed there at the time.

Hospital Administrator Jeanette Hughes later informed that an investigation had been conducted by the medical facility into the claim and that the findings had been forwarded to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health.

Speaking on the matter today Ms Matty says two months after the incident she is yet to be contacted by officials on the outcome of the investigation.

Ms Matty says the silence of health officials is aggravating, especially after surviving such a traumatic ordeal.

Ms Matty says she has not ruled out the option of taking the matter to court
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