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Members of the Faux-a-Chaux community are outraged by the death of a baby who they believe died because of neglect.

10 month old Renee Paul died on his birthday on January 18th while being rushed to the hospital. Renee’s mother Andy Jn Baptiste is believed to have found him at home unresponsive.

Radio Caribbean’s KEEN ANNE JAMES was in the community and filed this report.

Residents in the community suggested that Renee Paul’s death was due to his mother’s carelessness.

Witnesses said the baby had been sick for about 3 days before his death and he previously suffered from seizures.  

A resident in the area claims that the baby’s mother Andy Jn Baptiste would leave her son in the care of her young children.

Members of the community believe that Ms. JnBaptiste should be reprimanded

Witnesses say on the night Renee passed Ms. JnBaptiste was at a bar drinking. When contacted, the baby’s mother declined to comment on the situation
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