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St Lucians will continue to enjoy greater reductions in the cost of fuel as the price continues to plummet.

Gasoline will be sold for $0.04 less, at $9.68 per gallon. Diesel will be sold for $0.35 less, at $8.72 per gallon. There have also been reductions to the retail prices of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) - 100lb, 22lb and 20lb cylinders. The retail price of kerosene remains unchanged.

The 20, 22 and 100 pound cylinder have decreased by 2.24, 2.46 and 21.20 respectively. The new prices are 22.73, 25.28 and 153.54 respectively

Given the further reduction in the landed price of LPG, the Government of Saint Lucia has decided to pass part of the reduction on to consumers via subsidy. The 20lb and 22lb LPG cylinders will be subsidized at a cost of $7.98 and $8.50 per cylinder, respectively.

The next price adjustments will be made on March 14, 2016.
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