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Agriculture Minister Moses Jn Baptiste has issued a strong caution to his predecessor, warning him to stay away from a number of agro processing facilities where refurbishment works are ongoing.

The Minister is incensed over the actions of Ezechiel Joseph who has been accused of breaching protocol for clearance onto an ongoing government project site.

Claims are that the former Minister barged into the Fond Assou agro processing facility with a crew of engineers and other professionals today without seeking the requisite clearances for such a visit. According to Jn Baptiste the facility which was constructed under the former administration, was not properly designed to meet the intended goal of encouraging value added activity

The Agriculture Minister contends that it is highly inappropriate for the former official to access the site which is currently under construction.

Jn Baptiste also announced that improvement works are also being conducted on other facilities in the agriculture sector including the meat processing plant in Angier.

Jn Baptiste notes that while his ministry has no issue with disclosure on the projects, it must be done through the proper channels. 

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