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Statistics gathered from the Victoria Hospital over a decade indicate, that Gastro-Intestinal Cancers or Digestive Cancers have now surpassed, Prostate and Breast Cancer in prevalence.

Gastro-Intestinal Cancers includes Cancers of the Oesophagus, Gallbladder, Liver, Pancreas, Stomach, Small Intestine and Bowel.

The revelation came from Consultant Oncologist at Victoria Hospital, Dr. Owen Gabriel who had presented a paper at the International Meeting of the African-Caribbean Cancer Consortium in Martinique in 2013. The data from the Victoria Hospital indicates the changing trends in cancer prevalence in St. Lucia.
The Consultant Oncologist stressed that the mainstay of cancer control is prevention and a third of most cancers are preventable though lifestyle changes.

He added that solar radiation, Ultraviolet-B rays from the sun are well known causes of skin cancer. He encourages the use of  long sleeved clothing, hats and sun blocks.  He also points the vast amount of information related to cancer which persons can use to educate themselves on the issue.
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