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Suggestions by the Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court about increasing attempts at Judicial interference has caught the attention of ICAR.

According to the organization’s Public Relations Officer Aaron Alexander, while the Chief Justice did not elaborate on her claim, it fuels suspicions about whether or not governments attempt to influence the courts.

He adds that it also raises concern about whether or not justice will be dispensed with the Caribbean Court of Justice, if it is accepted as the region’s final appeallet court.

ALEXANDER is also concerned about the situation highlighted by St Lucia’s Attorney General suggesting that high legal costs, sometimes contribute to inaccessibility to the courts and Justice.

He adds that in addition to justice, people are also unable to access medical aid

Alexander has called on government to put away their egos and malicious intentions aside in order to cater to the welfare of the people

The Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education says he is alarmed by the threat of protest action by students at the Choiseul Secondary School.

This comes following what Mr Marcus Edward says is a clear indication that plans are well advanced for the renovation of the school plant.

Edward explains that the plans are moving ahead for the construction of new blocks at the school and as such he has appealed for patience from the students

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