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A celebration of the lives of St Lucia’s two Nobel Laureates has received the endorsement of the Governor General when it formally opened here on Tuesday.

The annual event has been revamped to include participation from several youth groups around the island as well as school tours among other activities.

The Nobel Laureates festival which has as its theme Celebrating excellence Fostering National Pride’ was selected in an effort to remind citizens at home and abroad of the “excellence” of the nation.

Speaking at the official launch of the festival Dame Peralette applauded the revamping efforts of the organizing committee. She remains hopeful that St Lucians will be able to appreciate the festivities that will roll out from January 15th to February 4th.

During the festival, special emphasis will be placed on the accomplishments of Sir Arthur Lewis who won the Nobel Prize for Economics and the works of Derek Walcott who won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
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