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The emergence of what is being described as plastic cheese on the regional market has fuelled food safety fears among St Lucians.

This follows reports of plastic rice and cabbage as well as other food products which consumers are now exposed to.

Supermarket chain Massy Stores is named in a video which is currently making the rounds on social media, where an individual claims to have bought cheese from one of its stores in St Vincent. The individual who claims that the cheese did not melt when heated conducted an investigation which led to a conclusion that the cheese is made from plastic.

A number of individuals have expressed concern especially after having their own experience with light cheddar from Massy stores.

Company officials have so far declined to make a formal statement on the matter, but have assured that they are aware of the video and are conducting investigations into the St Vincent incident.

Officials at the Environmental Health Unit in the Ministry of Health have also committed to conducting a probe into the case and to ascertain whether there are any such issues on the local market.

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