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A church massacre on Sunday in Texas that claimed the lives of more than two dozen worshippers has caused certain sections of the society to reflect on an eighteen year old tragedy here.

The 2001 one attack resulted in the death of two people and left dozens more wounded when two men wielding machetes stormed the Roman Catholic cathedral in St. Lucia's capital during Mass, hacking worshipers and setting some on fire with a blowtorch and fuel.

The dark memories were revisited when a 26-year-old former Air Force member opened fire in a Church on Sunday, prompting investigators to scour the background of the lone gunman today, searching for answers on a possible motive.

Authorities said 26 people were killed in the Sunday rampage, the latest eruption of violence in a seemingly safe public space. The dead included eight relatives spanning three generations in a single family. While officials had said the victims ranged in age from 5 to 72, one family said a 1-year-old girl was also killed, part of the eight family members slain in the attack.

The gunman — described as a former member of the Air Force — fired upon the services with an assault-style rifle before he came under fire from a local man and fled in car chase. The attacker eventually ran off the roadway and apparently took his own life.

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