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A human and child rights advocate in incensed over the circulation of the latest child porn video and has renewed calls for the establishment of a sex offenders registry.

The video which is believed to have originated outside of St Lucia has also sparked the ire of the public. It shows an adult man who is having a minor child perform oral sex on him.

Speaking on the issue, Felicia Browne notes that the situation calls for parents to pay closer attention to the welfare and safety of their children and in whose care they are left.

She has also appealed to the individuals sharing the video to be mindful that their attempts to expose the perpetrators could also harm the victims of such sex crimes.

Browne believes that the situation has sparked the need to revisit the discussion on the establishment of a sex offenders registry, as a number of regional treaties and agreements can expose the region’s children to such risks.

The move has also sparked calls for a review of laws to make them more relevant

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