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A legal battle between the Castries City Mayor and a vendor has intensified as the matter reaches the courts.

It stems from the demolition of a vending hut by operatives of the CCC last year. The structure was owned by Josephine Burke who operated from the location for over a decade.

Burke is claiming damages to the tune of $14, 836.00. She claims that the order was executed without notice and that she is the only one among five other vendors in the same area who has been targeted.

But in his defense statement obtained by RCI News, Mayor Peterson Francis denies that there is any rental agreement between the CCC and Ms Burke. Infact he notes that claimant is unable to prove that she owned the vending structure.

The statement adds that, the Mayor was alerted to complaints that the structure posed a health hazard and that numerous efforts were made to identify the owners of the structures in the area.

The Mayor’s statement also denies the destruction of any valuables in the structure during demolition, and has stressed that Ms Burke is not in entitled to recover any sum for damages.

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