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The man who has been accused of the rape and murder of Verlinda Joseph is expected to be released on bail tomorrow in a historic decision handed down by a high court judge.

The Constitutional motion brought forward by Human rights lawyer Martinus Francois on behalf of Eugene St Romaine in May last year ended with judge Francis Bell granting bail to the sum of $60,000 dollars.

Mr Francois says at the time the family of St Romaine were unable to meet the steep bail amount but a Foundation has since come to their aid with the 60 thousand dollar donation.

St Romaine, whose constitutional right to a fair trial within reasonable time was deemed to have been breached. He is expected to walk out of the high court tomorrow, a free man.

Mr Francois says the decision by the high court judge is only a small victory, noting that his arguments for the charges to be dismissed were thrown out. He has since appealed the judgment, but says the matter is currently in the Asizes.

Francois remarked that despite the hurdle the defense is confident that it will win the matter when the case comes to trial in September this year.

While the rape and murder of the 12 year old sparked outrage among St Lucians and the issue has been widely reported and discussed in the local media, Mr Francois says his client has shown no signs of anxiety or concern for his safety once he is released on bail.Mr Francois says there appears to be no immediate threat to St Romaine once he is freed on Bail. However, he added that it is the duty of the police to ensure the safety of every citizen
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