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One local physician has made some damning pronouncements about abuses in medical sector that heavily impact the economy.

Dr Gerard Saltibus, says demands for sick leave from patients who do not need time off from work is on the increase. He believes it is being used as an excuse for employees not to report to work.

He notes that based on the symptoms being exhibited by any patient, a medical physician is well qualified to determine whether or not the individual genuinely needs sick leave.

In some cases, he says, patients who are denied sick leave respond very aggressively to the doctor’s decision not to grant medical leave.

Dr Saltibus also pointed out that some patients who are not able to afford private medical care are disadvantaged when some individuals abuse the public health service. Among them he says are the less fortunate, the elderly and the unemployed who may be denied the basic level of healthcare.

Dr Saltibus notes that patients who can afford medical insurance, but opt to use the public health services are cheating themselves and the government, which subsidizes insurance companies.

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