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A St Lucian Human Rights Attorney says the findings of an inquest into the fatal shooting of a 31 year old Babonneau resident is disappointing but not surprising.

Ms Mary Francis was reacting to news that local Police have been cleared of wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of Mandy Louisy who was killed by police in August last year.

The disclosure was made following the release of a Coroner’s inquest which was was released on Wednesday this week. The investigation found that police did not act unlawfully during the fatal incident.

Based on her own observations, Ms Francis notes that serious procedural gaps in the system which is designed to produce results in favour of the police.

Ms Francis has reiterated calls for an independent Coroner’s office for the purpose of dealing with such cases in a transparent and accountable manner.

She also pointed to the absence of rules that will govern the evidence gathering procedure. Vowing that this is not the end of the matter, the human rights attorney informed that she is currently conducting her own review into the matter to determine what the next step will be.

Mandy Louisy died following an incident on August 9, 2013, when, according to a police statement, plain clothed officers attached to the Babonneau station on patrol in the Chassin area noted a “suspicious” looking man wearing dark clothing with a “hoodie” with his hands in his pockets. The police said they stopped him, identified themselves and attempted to carry out a search of his person when he resisted and brandished a knife in a menacing manner. Officers reported that in attempting to disarm the individual a struggle ensued with one officer discharging a single gunshot that hit Louisy in the upper part of his body.
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