French West Indies to Cement Cooperation with Caribbean Countries of the OECS
The meeting is organised to provide insight into the Interreg Caraïbes Programme in an effort to better enable project managers to access funding opportunities.
Three Kings Emerge Victorious in the Calypso, Groovy and Power Soca Competitions
After an intense bout of competition, three kings emerged victorious in the Calypso, Groovy and Power Soca Competitions leading up to the event.
Researchers Predict Increased Activity in 2018 Hurricane Season
Preliminary assessments by international researchers have predicted increased activity in 2018 season with the hurricane season expected to be more devastating than the previous year.
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Hail, Heavy Rain and Flooding in Martinique

In a curious twist to the expected weather within the dry season, the island of Martinique experienced a combination of hail, heavy rain and flooding on Monday, April 16.


Reports of flooding in the town of Le Lamentin in the French territory, noted that in some instances roads became impassable. As a result of the unfavourable weather, schools were also evacuated, with the island later experiencing power cuts and landslides, but no casualties.


Meanwhile in the city of Le François reports of hail affecting residents emerged, with residents noting that in some instances hailstones were as large as one inch in diameter.


Thought to be the first instance of this weather phenomenon on island, many took to social media platforms to broadcast the occurrence.


One resident spoke to RCI news commenting on public reaction to the unexpected occurrence.




While this may have been thought to be the first occurrence in Martinique, Met officials have reported otherwise, noting a similar incident as far back as two decades ago.


Caribbean territories have experienced similar weather anomalies. On January 17th 2014 according to a CMC report, a significant hailstorm was recorded in Paramaribo, Suriname.


On March 31st 2016, the commune of Saint Claude situated at the base of the Soufrière volcano in Guadeloupe was beset with snowfall, on the heels of a hailstorm which occurred days earlier.

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