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St. Lucia Cycling Association hosted a 105km Training race on Sunday March 9th 2014. the race started at the Bexon shell Gas Station travelled to Ravine Poison turn and travelled to the New General Hospital Roundabout and returned to the Bexon Shell Gass station. the riders did this circuit 4 times to cover the 105km and the Juniors under 18 years did three laps with except Andrew Norbert who completed all 4 laps.

The race started steady however it contained several early breaks which included Kenneth Mathurin and Valence Aurelien who stayed away for the first two laps. David Jamal joined the break for a while. On the 3rd lap the main bunch picked up the pace and swallowed up the break containing Mathurin. Being up front and working hard Mathurin was unable to hang on complaining of back pain.

Andrew Norbert a 15 year old from MonRepos was in the main pack and completed the 3 lap distance(78km) for the juniors in 2hrs 15mins45.62 secs. Coach Diaz advised that he complete the entire 4 laps considering how well he was staying with the seniors. The other Junior finishers to come in was2nd place Linus williams(Mon Repos) 2hrs 33mins 40.20secs,3rd Calixte Williams(Excellers) 2hrs 39mins40.25secs and 4th Jancik Paul(Excellers) 2hrs 39mins 41.12secs.

On the 3rd lap Fidel Mangal and Winston Williams went on a break which lasted about 10km until Mangal dropped back in the main pack as Winston with determination soldiered away which onlay lasted another 3km befpre being swallowed up.

ging into the 4th lap the main peleton included the Maraj Twins, Eustace Dookie, Chandoy Moses, Fidel Esnard, Fidel Mangal,Winston Williams and 15 year old Andrew Norbert of Mon Repos.

It was on the Millenium Highway climb towards Ciceron Junction that a strong attack by Kurt Maraj broke up the peleton with Only Esutace Dookie holding on to the twins, with Chandoy Moses and Andrew Norbert trying to get back, followed further back by Winston Williams, Fidel Mangal and Fidel Esnard.

The Maraj Twins and Esutace Dookie stayed away finishing in an anticlimax as they crossed the line unaware it was the finish in the order of 1st place Kirk Maraj, Eustace Dookie and Kurt Maraj.


1st Andrew Norbert Mon Repos 2hrs 15mins 45.62secs
2nd Linus Shawn Williams Mon Repos 2hrs 33mins 40.20secs
3rd Calixe Williams Excellers 2hrs 39mins 40.25secs
4th Janick Paul Excellers 2hrs 39mins 41.12 secs


1st Kirk Maraj Project Breakaway 3hrs 1min 20.97secs
2nd Eustace Dookie Independent 3hrs 1min 25.12secs
3rd Kurt Maraj Project Breakaway 3hrs 1min 25.12secs
4th Chandoy Moses Project Breakaway 3hrs 2mins 25.33secs
5th Andrew Norbert Mon Repos (15yrs) 3hrs 2mins 32.47 secs
6th Winston Williams Excellers 3hrs 3mins 9.22secs
7th Fidel Esnard Project Breakaway 3hrs 9mins 30,90secs
8th Fidel Mangal Mon Repos 3hrs 9mins 30.90secs
9th Raymond Volney Poject Breakaway 3 hrs 17mins 54.72secs (masters)
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