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It was tough going for St. Lucia as they participated in their first overseas engagement for the year.

The Trophee de La Caraibe started with 23 teams 104 riders including teams from Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana and France. Among he Nationalities were France, Venezuela and Poland riding for various teams.

The first stage 113.5 km race saw Kurt Maraj as the first to abandon because of illness. Kirk Maraj who was in a bunch together with Fidel Mangal suffered some cramps eased out in no mans land and took a wrong turn and did not make it to the finish, thereby being unable to continue the other stages per regulations. Fidel Esnard on his first overseas race for St. Lucia with 104 riders was unable to cope with a fast decent lost contact was giving chase and also took a wrong turn and did not make it to the finish, thereby being unable to continue the other stages.

The first stage 113.5km was won by Mickael Laurent of U.C.S. Martinique in 2hrs 51mins 17seconds, with Fidel Mangal the only St.Lucian to complete the event coming in at 75th place in 3hrs 24mins 13.

The second Stage 112.5km won by Florent of ECSL Martinique in 2hrs 57mins 04 secs, with Fidel Mangal placing 55th place in 3hrs 26mins 15 seconds.

The third Stage 122.8km was won by Wilfred Neror of Madinna Bikers Martinique in 3hrs 28mins 44 secs, with Fidel Mangal placing 54th in 4hrs 4mins 20 seconds.

The fourth and final stage 122.4km was won by Christopher Hippolyte of USF Martinique in 3hrs 15 mins 9seconds, with Fidel Mangal placing 38th in 3 hrs 45mins 34 seconds.

General Classification for the 471.2km Race was won by Camille Chancrin in 12hrs 38mins 52 seconds, with Fidel Mangal placing 48th on General classification in 14hrs 40mins 20 seconds.

Cuban coach Ramoin Leal Diaz coments after race are as follows:

"This race was very high level, because it had participation to about 104 riders from 23 teams, many clubs from Martinique, and others teams from others countries, the speed on the competition was very high, because every day on average about 38 km/h, this speed is very fast, similar to competition in America or other place where to have cycling competition.

In this race was star 104 riders and only 68 riders finished, for our team was good experience, because in St. Lucia, not yet possible a race with such a big group, because do not have much cyclist in elite category in every race only 4 or 5 cyclist with acceptable level, from our team only finish total distance 1 rider, but he was to obtain on the first Stage 75 place and the end competition 48 place.

I think that only with many races in Martinique it is possible to improve our level, because the rhythm of the race, and improvement is only possible when you participate every time in competition with this level, in resistance sport only with this such condition it is possible to get in good shape for the fundamental competition as Caribbean Championships in October Month in Puerto Rico, and Caribbean and Central American Games in Vera Crúz Mexico."
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