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The Managing Director of the Blackheart Organisation has apologized to the Saint Lucian public for the late start of yet another Blackheart final.

David “Shakes” Christopher was a guest on RCI’s popular Morning Rumble programme on Tuesday morning, and came wearing protective head gear in anticipation of the blows he expected to receive from angry fans who attended Saturday’s game.

The Blackheart Organisation had been severely criticized on Monday’s Rumble programme for the late start of the matches. The 3rd place play-off was scheduled to kick-off at 5:00pm but did not start until 7:15pm. To add insult to injury, the match went the distance plus extra time and a penalty shoot-out which meant the final, scheduled for a 7:00pm start, kicked off at 10:30pm.

Christopher said his organization was forced to delay the start of the 3rd place match because a number of players were Seventh Day Adventists and were therefore unable to play at the scheduled time. Instead, Christopher noted, a veterans game was slotted in at 5:00pm to make up for the down time.

He has pledged to make every effort to ensure that future tournaments start at the advertised time.
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