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We woke up to a cloudy overcast day, which meant that the sea breeze wind would not be as strong due to the slower heating up of the land to create the thermal wind.  After a 2 hour postponement  on land, we were sent out on to the water.

On the race course area we had winds of 5-6 knots, coming from the north (the sea breeze direction here is from the south), and current flowing with the wind with a small swell.

The wind had a small oscillation in it of 15-30 degrees every 4 minutes, so we had a pre race strategy of working the middle-left hand side of the first upwind leg.  The first start was recalled, and the fleet got away on the second starting sequence.

Stephi started in the middle of the line, and had worked a good gap to leeward to accelerate into.  She timed her trigger well and accelerated full speed off of the line ahead of the boats around her. Unfortunately, the jury on the water thought she did this a little to much, and she got a yellow flag for rule 42, excessive body pumping.  After doing her 720 penalty turn to exonerate herself, Stephi was now last in these light winds.  She showed again her good speed and worked the wind shifts well around the course, to catch up boats one by one to cross the finishing line in 26th position.

Race 2 of the day (5th race overall) was started in 5 knots of wind.  Stephi started close to the committee boat end of the starting line, and after triggering a few seconds too late, found herself having to tack off to clear her air to sail in clean wind.  This forced her to work the wind shifts up the right-middle of the beat.  Half way up the first leg, the race was abandoned due to the wind completely dying on the left hand side.

We then waited around on the water, and at 4.15pm a weak sea breeze kicked in from the south at 6-7 knots.  A course was set, but the wind completely died before a race could be attempted.  We were sent ashore for the day with only one race completed in the day.

Results from the regatta can be seen on the website
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