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A jury found “Blurred Lines” co-creators Robin Thickeand Pharrell Williams copied parts of Marvin Gaye’s 1977 hit “Got To Give it Up” for their 2012 song, and awarded $7.3 million to the late soul-singer’s estate.

Thicke and Williams have been battling Gaye’s children for a year over whether or not their bass-driven, Grammy-nominated smash hit took too liberally from Gaye’s song.

“Blurred Lines” raked in about $16 million in profits for its creators and record labels; Thicke and Williams, who made about $5 million each.

Thicke and Williams denied ripping off the Gaye work for “Blurred Lines.

Robin Thicke is the headliner for the 24th edition of the St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival which opens in St Lucia on April 30th and ends on May 10th

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