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There has been strong reaction from the owner of North South Enterprises following a physical altercation between a customer and a gas station attendant that left her in a bloody mess on Wednesday.

This comes after a gas station attendant was attacked by a motorcycle rider and his pillion rider who had pulled in to the station to purchase fuel.

Mr Errold Cyril recalls receiving an urgent phone call about the  incident shortly after he had left the station for the day.

In describing the situation as a sad and discouraging environment for businesses to operate in , Mr Cyril says he was most disappointed in the manner in which the police handled the situation.

He claims that there was an inappropriate familiarity between the alleged attacker and the police, who ordered that the man be served even after the attack had occurred.

He says he immediately informed the lawman’s superiors about the situation and registered his displeasure at the attitude displayed.

Mr Cyril says an emergency call was placed to emergency officials who transported the injured female staff to the Tapion hospital for treatment.
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