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Staff at the Boys Training Centre remain in limbo over what they say is a looming threat to their security and that of other wards housed at the juvenile facility.

The sentiments were expressed by the head of the union representing their interest Mary Isaac earlier today.

Staff mounted protest action following a court order that would place a murder suspect at the holding facility.

Claims are that they are fearful for the lives and safety after the minor boy who is no stranger to the BTC made threats against them.

Ms Isaac describes the situation as one with several victims.

A meeting called on Thursday discussed several alternative options for detaining the suspect while he awaits trial.

Ms Isaac says among them is the establishment of a special holding area at the Bordelais correctional facility, considering the magnitude of the charges laid against the boy.

She remains skeptical about increased security at the BTC which has also been put forward.

It is not yet clear how long before the boy is returned to the Boys Training Centre
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