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Lawmen at the Anse La Raye Police Station are under suspicion, in an investigation into the disappearance of three firearms from the station’s armoury.

Reports indicate that the discovery was made on May 18 when a probe immediately opened into the case.

It has been revealed that two glocks and a revolver as well as 46 rounds of ammunition are unaccounted for and suspicions are that the weapons may have been stolen with the intention to sell them on the black market.

Information reaching our news desk reveals that investigators have been making headway into the probe are could make an arrest soon.

Meanwhile investigations into a breach in security that could undermine the integrity of the forensic lab have resulted in the closure of the facility.

Suggestions are that investigation into the breach in the lab was prompted by the disappearance of a large quantity of cocaine which had been seized by the forensic facility for further testing. The cocaine is believed to have been replaced by flour.

Reports indicate that lab employees are the key suspects in the investigation that has significantly affected the credibility of the facility.
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