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The official start of the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins today despite activity being recorded outside the June to November period this year.

Tropical storm Anna ravaged parts of the Carolinas in the United States in early May and severe weather in Texas has caused some 27 million dollars in infrastructure damage last week.

Director of Met Services Thomas Auguste explains that while the 6 month period from June to November signals the peak period for the formation of cyclones, they have been known to occur at other times.

He informs that all leading forecast agencies have predicted below normal tropical cyclone activity in the Caribbean region over this year’s season, adding that the abnormally low activity is due to the development of an El Nino event over the tropical Pacific Ocean.

It is expected to last throughout the hurricane season.

Mr Auguste notes that despite the prediction of below normal activity, citizens must be on guard and take the necessary precautions to minimize damage and loss during the hurricane season.

The Atlantic Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. The National Oeceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting a 70 percent likelihood of 6 to 11 named storms of which 3 to 6 will become hurricanes with the possibility of up to 2 developing into major hurricanes
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