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As the dry hot weather continues to persist here, the Ministry of Health has issued a public caution on the  prevention of heat stroke and other related conditions.

The advice comes from Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health Dr Sharon Belmar George, who highlights that heat stroke and heat related illness are caused by excessive exposure to a hot environment and is exacerbated by strenuous physical activity. It is worsened by the consumption of sweet drinks.

She cautions that propensity for heat stroke is heightened during the current drought situation and that some people are at greater risk of being affected. They include the very young, the very old and individuals who suffer from certain conditions such as high blood pressure.

Dr Belmar has also recommended the use of loose clothing and limited exposure to the sun as well as sunscreen. She also advised people to stay properly hydrated with water and to avoid soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

The medical officer has also commented on the signs of heat stroke and the action that can be taken to treat it.

Drought conditions which continue to affect St Lucia have severely depleted the island’s raw water supply
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