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The President of the St Lucia Civil Service has resigned.

The resignation took effect on May 26th following her selection by the executive arm of the United Workers Party as the political candidate for Castries South.

Ms Isaac declined to speak on the resignation for the time being, until she has officially informed the general membership.

She noted that her resignation as President should not be seen as a pull out from the union as she will continue to serve in the position of Acting General Secretary.

The retired career civil servant was quick to add that she would not have stepped down from the position until she was sure of her candidacy on the UWP roster.

Ms Isaac says she intends to also resign from the position of General secretary at some point in the future, but not before restructuring the union’s executive.

Meanwhile she has also reacted to a call for the resignation of the entire CSA executive, by a group of members.

She says while there would be no contest to those demands, there would be the question of who to submit the resignation to.
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