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The director of public prosecutions Victoria Charles Clarkehas reacted to a government statement suggesting that the fate of a group of Nepalese students who have been stranded here since February rests in her hands.

This comes following news that arrangements had been made to repatriate the would be Lambirds Academy students to their homeland on June 8th.

The plan has since been foiled. But a government statement claims that claims that matter is one for the police and the DPP and that it cannot make a decision on how the interests of the students will be represented in a court of law in a criminal matter.

For her part Mr Clarke says while she cannot say when the initial decision to repatriate the students was made, a list of names was submitted to her, seeking approval as to whether they can leave.

Mrs Clarke stressed that while she does not have the authority to stop the repatriation process, the individuals pursuing the charges must be present if she is to present their case in court

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has put a hold on arrangements made to have stranded students of the Lambirds Academy scandal returned home.
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