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Prices of petroleum products will be adjusted today, June 15, 2015. The prices of most fuel products will increase, due to changes in import prices over the three week review period.

Gasolene has increased by 40 cents from $12.77 to $13.17 per gallon. Diesel has increased by 66 cents from $11.39 per gallon to $12.05 per gallon.

The price of LPG has also increased. The 20, 22 and 100 pound cylinders have increased by $3.21, $3.53 and $16.04 to $29.48, $32.71 and $209.40 respectively

Bulk LPG has increased by 16 cente per pound from $1.80 to $1.96 per pound.

The price of Kerosene remains unchanged at $8.27 cents per gallon

Despite the increases, Government continues to subsidize the 20lb and 22lb LPG cylinders by $12.40 and $13.36 per cylinder, respectively.

In keeping with the “Three Week Fuel Pass Through Mechanism” introduced on February 9, 2015, prices will be adjusted again on Monday, July 6, 2015. These prices will be determined by the landed cost of these products over the current review period.
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