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St. Lucia has been ranked among the top five countries on a list of ten of the slowest economies in the world.

According to the Business Insider, St Lucia's tourism-dependent economy never fully recovered after tourism drastically slowed following the financial crisis. The website adds that Saint Lucia's heavy reliance on tourism makes it vulnerable to off seasons when the global economy slows.

It has quoted the World Bank's chief economist and senior vice president as saying that  the stalled recovery in some high-income economies and even some middle-income countries may be a symptom of deeper structural malaise

The leader of the Lucian People’s Movement Therold Prudent agrees. He noted that it highlights the inability of Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony to develop strategies that would move the economy forward.

He adds that the world recession can no longer be used to explain the sluggish growth in the local economy.

The LPM leader has also pointed to what he believes is responsible for the slow growth, noting that governments failure to attract new investment into the country is one of the main reasons.

Mr Prudent says the situation calls for an economic and political revival in St Lucia
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