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The MP for Castries Central is among individuals expressing deep sorrow following the shooting death of a woman who was well known as a peace activist.

It is suspected that 51 year old Cheryl Clarke was apparently ambushed and gunned down on Brazil Street about 12:10am after she left a gaming shop on Chaussee road. She sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.

She was rushed to Victoria Hospital where she died at 3am.

He death comes almost three months after her husband Asher BJ Emmanuel was gunned down on Chaussee Road

The incident has forced Mr Richard Frederick to reminisce on some of the happier times spent with the deceased.

He names Clarke and Angel Brouet as two of the individuals who were instrumental in his decision to enter local politics and had been loyal ever since.

Frederick adds that she also played a major role in efforts to quell the violence in the city among feuding gangs.

Cheryl Clarke’s death also comes four years after the killing of her brother Arthur Clarke who was gunned down in 2011. Arthur and Cheryl Clarke as well as Asher Emmanuel were closely associated with the Wilton Yard area and were active members of the Wilton’s yard Association.

While he would not speak to any suspicions surrounding the death of the trio, Mr Frederick notes that they may have been targeted.

Thursday’s killing is registered as the 9th homicide for 2015Police investigations are ongoing into the latest shooting

While police investigations continue into the matter, they have so far had no leads into the case

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