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The National Students Council is concerned with an announcement by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College of an increase in tuition fees for the academic year 2015/2016, just two weeks ahead of registration.

The organization maintains that the issue is a major concern for the National Students’ Council along with parents and students whom it directly affects.

General Secretary of the National Youth Council Ajani Le Bourne says members are particularly disappointed with the insensitivity of the college demonstrated through their tardiness in informing students of adjusted fees less than two (2) weeks from registration and three (3) weeks prior to the commencement of the first semester for most second year students.

He adds that this is a clear indication that there is very little value placed on the input of students when it pertains to such critical decisions.

The NSC is curious about the recent development especially following a comment made by Education Minister Hon. Dr Robert Lewis last week in a television interview, when he stated: “there has not been any approval for cost at Sir Arthur”. This stunning revelation has indeed raised a few eyebrows among concerned parties.

While this apparent serious breech in policy remains unaddressed, the council is awaiting a response from the administration following a request to meet with the board.
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