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The President of the Media Association of St Lucia has described as very disturbing and reprehensible and disturbing, a spitting incident on a local journalist on Friday.

It occurred as Dave Joseph,the suspect in a fatal Hospital Road shooting, in a show of defiance and indecency, spat on Miguel Fevrier while he was being taken to court on Friday.

Mr Clinton Reynolds who has strongly condemned the act, has also questioned why the suspect who has been charged with such a serious offense, had not been handcuffed while being escorted to court.

He adds that while the situation is egregious, it has also brought out Miguel’s bigger side.

In highlighting the threats and dangers that reporters face on the job, Mr Reynolds says Friday’s incident raises questions about security for reporters and the public at large.

He points to a particular incident in St Lucian history where the escape of a prisoner was well thought out and executed, while he sought medical attention at a healthcare institution.

Mr Reynolds highlights the shooting of a reporter and her cameraman in Virginia as some of the real risks that come with the job
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