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A vendor who operates from the Castries market has reacted to a chain snatching incident that has left one tourist traumatized.

The incident occurred near Jeremy Street when four unsuspecting guests were attacked earlier today.

Ms Roselyn Charles who operates from the market area has pointed to several reasons why she believes the situation has become dire.

The vendor says the safety and security of tourists continues to be a major issue. She is also concerned that the situation puts the livelihoods of vendors at risk.

Ms Charles has made another plea for heightened security and a visible police presence in certain hot spots.

Ms Charles explains that the situation is the cause for reduced visitor spending for  vendors at the Castries market.

She fears that the situation will put some operators out of business if left unattended.

Several calls continue to be made on local police for increased patrols in the city particularly during the open cruise ship season.
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