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The environmental effects of global warming may cost St. Lucia and other Caribbean islands their beaches and coastal communities.

Minister of Sustainable Development Dr.James Fletcher and other climate negotiators believe that If the earth’s global temperature rises to more than 1.5 degrees centigrade it will cause an increase in the sea level. Large countries are currently aiming for a global temperature of 2 degrees centigrade Caribbean representatives will negotiate with larger countries at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate in November.

Theatre artist Kendel Hippolyte and other local artists are contributing to the cause by promoting a campaign called 1 point 5 to stay alive.

Artists like Mr.Hippolyte have organized a group of events to promote awareness of the 1 point 5 degree increase in St.Lucia.

The November 6th event in La Clery will be the first of many.  Dr. Fletcher will  represent St.Lucia and  other small island states  at the climate negotiations on November 30th to December 11th in Paris, France.
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