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The President of the Police Welfare Association has been accused of taking deliberate steps to malign a female constable who had been vying for a position on the Constables Branch Board of the Royal St Lucia Police Force.

The accusation has been made following the voting process that took place on Wednesday, when the WPC learnt that her photo was visibly absent from a poster which advertised the individuals vying for the seven posts.

It is believed that the basis for the discrimination is her decision taken several years ago, to grow her hair out in dread locks. It appears that since then she has been deliberately sidelined for promotions and other opportunities within the police force.

The matter has been taken up with the President of the PWA Cameron Laure who denied claims that attempts were being made to discriminate against any contender.

Rather he explains that the seven other officers who were vying for positions on the Constables branch board came together to conduct a joint campaign. But he states that in some instances during the collective exercise the contenders carried out their individual agendas.

He contends that one of the campaign strategies used was to question the integrity of the dreadlock wearing constable.
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