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The care and treatment of renal patients in the south of the country has been improved with St Jude Hospital now expanding its services to include AV Fistula surgery for patients requiring dialysis.
AV Fistula placement is an essential procedure for people with renal failure. It involves a plastic tube being placed under the skin to connect an artery to a vein. This allows for repeated needle insertions for dialysis treatment.
Today, patients from the south will no longer be required to travel to Castries to get the procedure done. Previously, those who were unable to make the trip would be fitted with a temporary and more costly “catheter” which is a plastic tube that’s placed into a large vein.
There are presently thirty-six (36) patients on dialysis treatment at St Jude Hospital. Patients requiring fistula operations are encouraged to contact the hospital for more information on how to get the procedure done.
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