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Nearly a year after Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony released damning allegations about the Royal St Lucia Police Force in an Address to the Nation, A delegation of EU officials is demanding that the government to take action on the IMPACS report.

It was publicized during a news conference on Thursday where the EU delegates revealed the outcome of a meeting with Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony on the IMPACS report as well as the delays in taking the matter to court.

Other concerns included the absence of due process in resolving the matter due to limitations and challenges confronting the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The head of the EU delegation, Mikael Barfod says Prime Minister needs to take strong action in order to adequately address the situation.

Mr.Barfod emphasized that the European Union is focused on resolving this issue and not the negative consequences which may occur.

He adds that the opposition will also be engaged on the Impacs issue as it is a longterm problem that affects both the current and previous governments

British High Commissioner Victoria Dean and French Ambassador Eric de la Moussaye were among the three Delegates speaking on behalf of the 28 member organization.

The EU is expected to follow up with the Prime Minister in early April
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