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Growth in the local economy, employment, diplomatic challenges including IMPACS and the Jufali Affair as well as the Citizenship by Investment program were among the major focus areas of the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Monday night.

Dr Kenny Anthony began with pronouncements on the improvements in the local economy, which was propelled by the construction sector and supported by buoyancy in the tourism sector, agriculture and other services.

Dr Anthony noted that while improvements have been recorded in the agriculture sector, due to high demand in the tourism sector, there is room for improvements.

He however noted that while the fiscal balances continue to show improvement for the first half of the financial year, significant risks remain in managing the financial debt.

Dr Anthony pointed to the Citizenship by Investment Program which is being used as an incentive tool to spur the economy.

He addressed public concern which are being expressed about the CIP

During his address Dr Kenny Anthony also touched on the IMPACS report and claims of extrajudicial killings on the part of local police by the US State Department.

The Prime Minister assured that his government is working closely with the United States to bring closure to the matter.

He also explained government’s decision not to lift the diplomatic immunity that protects Dr Walid Jufali from facing a legal challenge brought against him by his ex-wife in the british courts

Dr Anthony noted that his Cabinet will continue to FIGHT for the betterment of all Saint Lucians, and has urged St Lucians to do the same as the country continues to face lingering challenges

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