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Lawyer for Iftekhar Shams has described as unfair, the treatment being meted out to his client compared to that of the alleged victims of Human Trafficking.

He has concluded that the complainants in the case are enjoying St.Lucian hospitality while his client languishes in jail.

In March of last year over 40 Nepalese and Pilipino students came to St. Lucia under the premise that they would be able to peruse degrees in Hospitality management at Lambirds Academy. Their dreams were later dashed when the discovered that Lambirds academy was a hoax

According to Marcus Foster, Iftekhar Shams CEO of Lambirds and one of the other men arrested in connection with the scandal are diabetics, and that due to the length of time that they have been incarcerated , their supply of medication has depleted.

Meanwhile, Mr.Foster expressed his gripe about the interpreter assigned to  Mr.Shams in the trial. He has called for a reassessment.

This is not the first time the attorney expressed concern about the  interpreter in the criminal case .
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