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A new report which ranks St Lucia low on how effectively children can use the courts to defend their rights has caught the attention of a local activist.

The report, ‘Rights, Remedies and Representation’, takes into account whether children can bring lawsuits when their rights are violated, the legal resources available to them, the practical considerations for taking legal action and whether international law on children’s rights is applied in national courts.

Speaking on the publication, Raise Your Voice St Lucia Incorportaed’s Secretary Catherine Sealys, says she is not surprised by the findings of the report. She adds that the same challenges which continue to plague the legal system when it comes to dealing with adult matters are similar to those that children are confronted with.

Sealys says the findings of the Child Rights International Network report, is a reflection of the status of the local justice system.

Meanwhile, the women and child rights activist contends that advocacy should not be reactive, if changes are to take place to remedy the kinks in the justice system.

Sealys believes it must take participation from the public in the push for amendments to the justice system that will not only protect the vulnerable but the entire citizenry
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