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The rape of a young female employee at a boutique in the north of the island has left both the victim and the store owner traumatized.

The incident allegedly took place between 4 and 5pm at the establishment. Suggestions are that two men brushed their way past the employee and into the store under the guise that they wanted to make a purchase.

But they soon overpowered the young employee after locking down the store and displaying the “closed” sign on the door.

According to a source, one of the men tied her up and raped her in the storage compartment at the back of the store for close to half an hour. He is alleged to have used a condom.

Claims are that the men were armed with a gun and a pair of scissors.

A report has been filed with police who are actively pursuing leads into the incident.

This is the second report of rape to have occurred in the north of the island in several days. Information reaching our news desk suggests that a female tourist was raped inside her apartment some time over the weekend.

There has so far been no official information from police on the two matters
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