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A representative from the police welfare association says the organization will stand by the police officer who has been charged with rape.

The officer who is now on pre retirement leave was scheduled to make another court appearance on February 23rd. The senior constable was accused of raping his girlfriend at gunpoint in October last year. He was charged with this offense last week.

In addressing the issue, public relations officer for the police welfare association Travis Chicot says the police welfare association will support the accused officer throughout the trial process.

Conatable Chicot also addressed what is being seen as the latest backlash from the impacs report.

Suggestions are that the French government boycotted the independence celebration for the first time because of its dissatisfaction with the slow pace at which government’s is moving on the IMPACS report that investigated allegations of extrajudicial killings by local police.

Meanwhile the Police Welfare Association is expected to meet with its members in the coming days to discuss a range of issues. The meeting will be held at the police auditorium at 10:00 am on Thursday February 25th.

Constable Chicot says he wants to let the public know that the welfare of a police officer affects how a police officer serves the community.

The organization is having this meet as the new triennium approaches.
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